8 Tips for Managing Your Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr 23, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed our way of life in a matter of weeks, and it seems like every article or news brief brings with it a new reason to panic. It is completely normal to feel a lot of anxiety right now, but we are here with a few tips on how to treat yourself (and your loved ones) with some extra care and how to approach our new normal so that it doesn’t control you. We are in this together after all, and we are here for you.

1. Stay Connected (Virtually)

Isolation is hard on the human body and brain, and social distancing and self-quarantine are a necessary evil right now – but that doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off from friends and loved ones! Make sure to check in regularly by text, email, and phone and why not try setting up a virtual game night or movie night while you’re at it!

2. Practice Self-Care

Just like any stressful time, it’s important to practice some self-care. That might look different for everyone but give yourself some leeway to enjoy some spa activities at home, some extra treats, or a nap if you need one.

3. Remain Active

Although the gym is not an option, that doesn’t mean you have to let your physical fitness regimen slide completely. A walk around the neighborhood or finding a good virtual exercise class is great for both your physical and mental health right now. Practice safe distancing and try listening to a favorite podcast or calling a friend for some extra benefits.

4. Keep a Schedule

When you stay at home, the days may have a tendency to run together. Help yourself out by keeping to a schedule whenever possible. Try not to work every hour of the day and encourage yourself to keep getting dressed for work in the morning, showering at the same time of day, etc. Treat your days/weeks as you normally would.

5. Set Boundaries

We know – the black hole of the internet is a powerful thing right now, but it can also be very dangerous. Try to limit the amount of time you spend reading news or spiraling through social media. Stay connected to people but don’t let the news unnecessarily increase your anxiety. Know the line between prepared and obsessed.

6. Seek Out Good Resources

Along the same lines, seek out trustworthy news resources when consuming information about coronavirus, the pandemic, and the markets. We know that each day brings countless articles and it can be difficult to know whom to trust. Learn to tune out the noise and focus on the facts. Here are a few financial resources we find to be valuable:

7. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Listen, times are hard and you’re not perfect. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a hard time, having a bad day, or if you miss a scheduled walk. Give yourself kudos for doing the best you can, and remember, tomorrow is a new day.

8. Trust Your Allies

Lastly, we’re all in this together. You have allies in your medical professionals, your loved ones, and in the Peninsula Wealth team. Trust those nearest and dearest to you to help navigate these troubled times. If you have questions about your health, call your doctor. If you have questions about your financial plan, we are here for you.

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