Peninsula Wealth Grows with You

Oct 21, 2019

Often, when someone thinks about a financial advisor and what they do, they think of investment advice and occasional financial guidance. The advisor/client relationship can and should be much more than that. At Peninsula Wealth, our process starts with you, the client, and understanding who you are, what your goals are, and the things that are important to you, so we can build a financial plan tailored uniquely to you. However, this is only the beginning – regularly revisiting this plan, so that we are sure it is the best plan as you grow and as your needs change can be even more vital. Life is not static and is full of changes, both expected and unexpected, meaning that your plan may need to evolve as your life does. Our goal is to build a long-standing relationship and become your trusted partner, so that we are here to guide your through your life’s important events. Whether that event is marriage, having children, divorce, retirement, or planning what happens with your assets when you are no longer here, Peninsula Wealth can help.

What if…

  • Your spouse or partner suddenly loses his or her job, how does the loss of income affect your plan?

  • You move to a new company and receive a big increase to your income or significant equity compensation, how do you include this in your plans?

  • You just got married and want to start a family, how do you develop a financial plan?

  • You want to purchase a new or another home, how do you plan for this?

  • A loved one passes away and you receive a significant inheritance or acquire their debt. What do you do next?

  • You are suddenly no longer able to take care of you own investment plan, who can help you?

These are all very common life events that can impact or change your financial plan and a good financial advisor should help you navigate these scenarios.

We have spoken to many individuals over the years who have considered working a financial advisor but have felt their needs weren’t complex enough or that their goals were too far off in their future or that they “had everything covered.” In reality, many people can benefit from working with a financial advisor because we help navigate the many complications that life can throw at you and help to optimize each situation as it comes.

Consider this example: we recently spoke to an individual who felt he had all his planning needs covered, so he was not sure if working with Peninsula Wealth would make sense. While he had done a great job planning for some financial needs, such as estate and insurance planning, there were a series of short-term events such as some real estate transactions he was considering, planning around his equity compensation, and investment planning where he had a lot of questions and soon realized that balancing some of these more immediate goals with the longer-term plan was very important and that this is where Peninsula Wealth could potentially make an impact. His case is an example of one where an individual was not seeing the full picture and we were able to help him balance his plan to ensure more financial security.

You cannot plan for all of life’s changes but building a plan to prepare for change and arming yourself with a trusted advisor to help weather the storms can be a valuable tool when the unexpected occurs. These are just some examples of the scenarios that you may find yourself facing someday and the ways that they may affect you and/or your loved ones. Peninsula Wealth is here to help, as our focus is to first and foremost prepare you for your current needs and to be there for you as they change.

Peninsula Wealth is a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Peninsula Wealth and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure. This material is solely for informational purposes. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital. No advice may be rendered by Peninsula Wealth unless a client service agreement is in place. It is expressly understood that our firm will not provide accounting or legal advice nor prepare any accounting or legal documents for the implementation of your financial planning objectives.