Bob Keane, CFP® – Financial Advisor

Get to know Bob:

Tell us a little about yourself that isn't financial services based!

I am originally from NY and moved to Northern CA to enjoy better access to the things I love best – everything outdoors! I love skiing, biking, hiking & fishing in the Sierras and Cascades.

How long have you been with Peninsula Wealth?

I joined Peninsula Wealth in January 2018 after a varied career working for large financial and enterprise software companies. I wanted to take the best of what I learned in both types of companies and bring those skills to a smaller, client-focused investment advisor. Peninsula Wealth was my choice because of its people and approach to servicing clients.

What excites you about financial markets?

I believe it goes back to my early career in public accounting. Many of my audit clients were small banks, pension funds and insurance companies where I felt the investments area of the balance sheet was most interesting. As my career moved to Wall Street, I enjoyed learning about various financial instruments and how they perform in varying market cycles and how to construct efficient, cost-effective, risk-managed portfolios to help clients meet their financial objectives. While I’d hard-pressed to call financial markets “exciting”, they are always interesting and provide one with challenges and opportunities every day.

What are people constantly asking you at barbecues (i.e. what free advice are people always looking for?)?

Got any hot stock tips? People are always looking to game the stock market!

What advice do you have for people who are considering financial planning services?

Be prepared and interview as many advisors as you can. 

What do you think is the biggest misconception about financial planning and what would you say to people to correct it?

It costs too much and most of the advice is not actionable. I believe the costs continue to be reasonable when you look at the big picture. As far as actionable, work with an advisor should be broken down into easily digestible chunks. Ask them to prioritize your plan into “musts, hopes, and wishes” to ensure you and your advisor are working on the most impactful things first.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I really enjoy the coaching and educational aspects of my role. Financial Planning is not a black box with a one size fits all approach. Working with my clients to understand their situation and present options with pros/cons for each recommendation is extremely gratifying.

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