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Financial planning can be overwhelming, but we know that it doesn’t have to be.

Our Approach

At Peninsula Wealth, our process is centered around you and your needs. Our team will work at your pace, make sure you are kept informed about changes in the market,  and always keep you up to date on your personal financial plan. Our aim is to build a long-standing relationship with each of our clients so we can help them navigate not only the ups and downs of the market but also the events of their lives.

As your financial partner, we keep your interests top of mind and your needs front and center. We will meet with your family regularly and keep you up to date on your financial roadmap. We know you’ve worked hard to build your assets and we take it seriously that you’ve entrusted us with their care. Our goal, every day, will be to maintain or improve your standard of living and help you realize your financial aspirations.

Here’s how we do it:

Because your financial plan is built with you at the center, we’ve developed a planning process that we use with each of our clients that ensures that your unique perspectives are always being taken into consideration. These four steps guide a conversation that takes us from financial planning to goal setting to optimization of your portfolio.

The Peninsula Wealth MAP-M Process

Step 1: Map

We start by meeting with you and your family to get a clear picture of your financial status. By getting a good idea of your financial history, we can set a foundation for building your financial plan and working towards your vision.

Step 2: Align

Next, we discuss what matters most to your family and what you would like to accomplish with your assets. What are short-term and long-term milestones? This helps us prioritize the investment vehicles  you might need and the partners we will work with.

Step 3: Plan

Our team works together to build a financial plan that is truly tailored to your situation and your needs. You will work with a dedicated wealth manager and the entire Peninsula Wealth team to bring their expertise to the table when building your financial plan.

We will make recommendations on your investments which we review with you periodically. We’ll meet with you and your family to go over the plan and make changes as necessary to make sure it aligns with your personal risk profile.

Step 4: Measure

Lastly, our team keeps track of your plan by regularly checking in on the progress of your personal and financial goals. We meet with you regularly in-person, over the phone, or via video conference and make updates as the market or your plans change. Your financial plan will be treated like a living document, and we will meet with you and your family regularly to keep you on track.

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